Read Suki's Story, including patient records from the QUACK Edward J. Nichols, Crestway Animal Clinic, San Antonio, TX. 

Ed Nichols filed a lawsuit against me in at attempt to get an injunction to silence me from telling Suki's Story.


Letter to my precious Suki:

 August 5, 1979 - April 26, 1999

Standard of care is non-negotiable...

Unauthorized procedures are unacceptable...

A vet making excuses for both is unforgivable...

Read Suki's Story


What Happened to Suki and What Happened to Me



New Year's Eve, December 31, 2008 

New Year's Eve. Ten years ago tonight, it was the beginning of the end for Suki, but I had no way of knowing that the worst nightmare of our lives was just around the corner... keep reading

Christmas Eve, December 24, 2008

Ten years ago tonight, Suki and I had our last Christmas Eve together. But of course we had no way of knowing that. We thought everything was "fine" because that's what I was being told. So for us it was Christmas as usual, with no way of knowing the darkness that was ahead...keep reading


I can't say it often enough - may Ed Nichols, this "nice guy," rot in hell. And should this stupid, arrogant son of a bitch be brain-dead enough to come after me again with his Keystone Cops team of bottom-feeding lawyers, I will fight even louder and longer to defend my First Amendment rights against what is without a doubt the most repulsive, ignorant, incompetent dirtbag I've ever had the misfortune to meet. 

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Allegations against Edward J. Nichols, aka Dr. Ed, Crestway Animal Clinic, San Antonio, Texas


Edward J. Nichols was investigated by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners in 1999-2000 as a result of my 54-page complaint against him.

 An informal conference was held behind closed doors (there was NEVER a hearing), presided over by ONE VET -- NOT THE BOARD. I was denied my request to have an attorney present, nor is there any record of that meeting. They claim it is not a legal proceeding but then announce that the burden of proof is on the complainant at the same time they deny you the ability to have an attorney. 

In the most abominable travesty of justice one can imagine, that ONE VET -- Martin Garcia of Raymondville in the Rio Grande Valley --  dismissed the complaint in spite of every piece of evidence including Nichols' OWN records that indicated what he had done TO Suki, and what he had NOT done FOR her.

Ed Nichols' records alone should have gotten him disciplined since he repeatedly left off even the most basic information:  weight, temperature, symptoms, diagnoses, recommendations, post-surgical instructions, routes of anesthetic administration, and names and dosages of prescription drugs, including at NO time the type, amount, or frequency of subQ fluids that he prescribed to Suki -- all in violation of the Texas VPA's recordkeeping statute.

And of course, no consent forms for the dental surgery under anesthesia -- two procedures I would have NEVER PERMITTED had I known what he was doing. But Ed Nichols couldn't be bothered to inform me of surgery or anesthesia on my dying 20-year-old cat.

In spite of all the documentation and evidence, Edward J. Nichols walked scot-free out of that room in the most sickening display of regulatory agency incompetence and vet arrogance imaginable.

Martin Garcia smiled at me while dismissing the complaint, knowing full well that my arguments were valid and the evidence was incontrovertible. He was without a doubt -- next to Nichols -- the sorriest excuse for a "doctor" I've ever seen.

There was no appeal available. There was no place to go except to go public with the farce that exists in Austin that permitted the inexcusable arrogance of both the reviewing vet and Nichols himself. Watching the two of them in that room, sitting across from each other, made me literally sick to my stomach. 

I vowed to do everything possible to protect the pet owners of Texas from this type of travesty, including monitoring and reporting on the actions of the vet board, testifying at vet board meetings, and testifying to the Sunset Commission in 2004.

Not content with getting away with everything, Edward Nichols later came after me with lawyers and and a temporary injunction served to me in 2005. He issued demands for me to remove his name and his treatment of Suki from my site and sued me in a 2 1/2 year litigation in an attempt to silence me and prevent me from telling what happened to Suki.

He failed. The judge denied him his motion. Nichols appealed. He failed again.

During the lawsuit, my veterinary experts later confirmed what I had said about Nichols in my original complaint - one expert citing nine different violations of the standard of care on one day alone. 

Nichols continues to have a clean record at the state board -- and waves around his letter of exoneration like some kind of badge, of course probably not informing his "fans" that there was NO BOARD HEARING AT ANY TIME. I later succeeded in getting the wording changed on future letters of dismissal that mislead the public into thinking a board hearing had taken place in cases where it NEVER had.

I will never forget.

I will never be silenced.



Rest in peace, my sweet Suki,  and know that we both fought the good fight against this monster who tore our lives apart in too many ways to count.  I am so proud of you, Suki, for keeping yourself alive long enough to be seen by second opinion vets, leaving all that evidence behind that helped us and our experts PROVE what that little freak Ed Nichols of Crestway Animal Clinic did.  

I will shout your story from the rooftops for the rest of my life. The FACTS of what that QUACK Ed Nichols did to you in that operating room on April 19 will stand FOREVER. 

I will never forgive myself for trusting this miserable piece of crap Ed Nichols who wasn't fit to touch you much less put you under anesthesia and perform dental surgery on you WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT, claiming later it really wasn't anesthesia because he only used a little bit of it, and then pumping you full of STEROID which sure made you look better, didn't it?

Did you HEAR this filthy cockroach in Austin, blame US over and over for what HE did, calling ME crazy, telling the board vet Martin Garcia (another asshole) that I was lying when I had every piece of proof of what he had done, and describing YOU as "so very agitated" that he had to put you in an induction box and give you nitrous oxide and halothane (AN ANESTHETIC) while you were dying and dehydrated, without even bothering to do pre-surgical testing?  NO PRE-SURGICAL OR PRE-ANESTHETIC LABWORK. NO IV FLUIDS. NO POTASSIUM. NO OWNER CONSENT. I hope some QUACK does the same thing to him someday that he did to you, and I hope he gets away with it too.

And then the son of a bitch BRAGS to the committee: "I didn't even charge her for the tooth extraction." Are we supposed to be IMPRESSED that this freak gives away services that are not only unauthorized, but improper? Are dumb, stupid people really impressed by "doctors" giving away substandard care? Maybe. There's no accounting for the stupidity of a vet's "fans." If they only knew...

Suki, the nightmare never ends. Every day I think of the steroids Nichols injected you with, steroids you NEVER should have gotten. It makes my blood run cold, the unending arrogance of this freak to simply pump you with steroids. We both sure got a good, up-close and personal look at Nice Guy Nichols, didn't we? That stinking, filthy COWARD. 

But in the end, the TRUTH came out, didn't it, sweetie? Enough truth for EVERYONE to see what happened. I say a prayer every night for any kidney patients being injected with the amount and type of steroids that you were getting, while not getting the things that you DID need -- IV fluids, adequate subQ fluids, potassium, Epogen, urinalysis, a phosphorous binder -- because this monster later claimed that I refused treatment or had somehow "agreed" with what he was doing. For that alone, I hope he rots. 

You know sweetie that I never refused you ANYTHING your whole life. He instructed me to give you 100 ccs of subq EVERY THIRD DAY? I know now that you needed much more than that sweetie, and no matter how many times I asked about it, he kept telling me -- ONLY EVERY THIRD DAY. 

And I believed the freak and followed his instructions. He told me to stop giving you Tumil-K when the lab work said your potassium was borderline low and I followed his instructions. I kept following this FREAK'S instructions while you were fighting for your life and I didn't even know it, didn't know enough to ask about Epogen for your anemia, didn't know enough to insist on lab work when he said it was "academic."  I asked about more fluids. I asked about more potassium. I believed his "answers."  

And then, when the full horror of your condition was explained to me by the other vets, the freak Ed Nichols LECTURED me -- as you lay dying and fighting in a hospital with good vets trying to save you --  this sick freak Nichols lectured me to "remember the word natural."  

Natural? Can ANYBODY think that what happened to you was natural? I hope this slimy creep CHOKES on that word for the rest of his sorry life. 

You needed so many things, sweetie, things that I didn't  know about and didn't know enough to ask, and when I did ask, well, you know the "answers" I got.  I am so sorry I trusted someone I NEVER should have trusted, and you paid the ultimate price. 

And then watching the slimeball "explaining" himself to Garcia in Austin - you weren't even worth a real board hearing sweetie, only ONE VET decided your case up there - and in the end that arrogant ass  Garcia dismissed the allegations based on nothing more than your AGE. 

Garcia never even gave any MEDICAL explanation for what was done, just closed the case and smiled at me, the smarmy jerk . I will work the rest of my life to make sure other victims get a much fairer evaluation in Austin than you EVER did, with competent vets actually LOOKING at the evidence in front of them. Not like what happened here. 

But we finally found brave and ethical vets, didn't we, Suki, who were not afraid to TELL THE TRUTH about what was done to you. 

In life you may have been with a monster, and in Austin you were cheated out of justice by ONE stupid asshole, but in death it was a VET-ANGEL who came to your defense, evaluated the MEDICAL EVIDENCE (not having to listen to Nichols' infantile whining and all of his he said/she said bullshit), and was ready to tell the world what REALLY happened -- MEDICAL FACTS taken from your own records and labwork, not Nichols' cowardly blathering about how HE is the "real" victim here. 

You had so many angels helping you at the end, didn't you? Our friends, family, and even strangers who never knew you in life but felt they knew you in death. 

Our wonderful attorneys kicked some serious vet ass, didn't they, and they did it with dignity and class and courtesy -- we can hold our heads up high at the way we conducted ourselves throughout this unending nightmare of motions and court hearings and endless discovery requests and demands and demeaning depositions that Nichols' absolutely HIDEOUS lawyer dragged us through for almost three years. (The lawsuit came as no surprise -- I already knew what I was dealing with when the coward called the sheriff on me when I went to get your records. Can you imagine the "version" he tells his fans of what happened that day? Think he leaves a few little details out? lol )

I only regret we didn't get to trial, Suki. I was SO looking forward to seeing that scumsucking COWARD Ed Nichols on the witness stand, trying to yet again "explain" things, and you know our attorneys were MORE than ready to take him on after his deposition. :-) I still laugh when I think about his deposition - what a GREAT day that was! It was all I could do from jumping up and down in his lawyer's office. What a total and complete brain-dead, clueless, arrogant IDIOT this guy was, beyond my wildest hopes and dreams! Could a vet BE more cowardly (and downright stupid lol), claiming under OATH that you were never under anesthetic when it is right there on his chart in his own handwriting? 

Ed Nichols is the very definition of arrogance. He must truly believe that if he says something, no matter how stupid, idiotic, or WRONG, that -- poof! -- It turns into the truth right there on the spot! Maybe he thinks nobody will notice the FACTS? Or maybe -- and how scary is this -- he's just used to everybody believing everything that comes out of his mouth? 

Even the media found us, Suki, and told your story and others'. Interest in this subject grows every day all over the world, and victims have a way of finding one another... 

I can never forgive myself, Suki, for what my trust ended up doing to you. It is small comfort, but you and I were finally vindicated, at a cost that was immeasurable for us both.  

Because of what Ed Nichols did to you and to me, never again will I allow blind trust of a veterinarian jeopardize any companion animal of mine or anybody else's I come into contact with. No matter how "nice" they seem --"nice" means NOTHING if a vet doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Nor will I blindly follow instructions just because they come from a "doctor," knowing what I know now. This website will stay up FOREVER, getting bigger and better, and standing forever as a testament to our fight. 

The QUACK Ed Nichols FAILED to silence me no matter how much money he had. We may not have money, Suki, but we have the TRUTH, and I vow to spend my life doing what I can to educate and help save others from what you and I went through at the hands of someone who isn't even fit to call himself a human being, much less a "doctor." 

Onward and upward, my brave and sweet Suki. You and me, forever a team. And I will reiterate the words I wrote nine years ago when I started this web site after the travesty in Austin let Ed Nichols go:

I stand by all original material on this site. It is protected under freedom of speech, the First Amendment, and the greatest protection of all -- the TRUTH. 

--Julie Catalano


April 2009


Postscript: Trusting Ed Nichols (Edward J. Nichols, "Dr. Ed," EJ Nichols) at Crestway Animal Clinic was the BIGGEST mistake of my life. Under NO circumstances would I EVER recommend him as a veterinarian to ANYBODY for ANY REASON. Nichols is without a doubt the WORST thing to ever happen to Suki or me, followed only by the second worst thing to happen -- being SUED by the SAME ARROGANT INDIVIDUAL for two and a half years.  

Suki and me, in happier times, before we ever heard of Edward J. Nichols or Crestway Animal Clinic. I would give anything to have never met that mofo or heard his filthy name.

May Edward J. Nichols rot in hell.

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