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Lucky Riff (Florida)

Read about Lucky the Dog in Florida News


Dr. Marcel Christiaan-Rauch

Dead vet's $1.7 million home may be seized, (Perth), March 7, 2007

Vet dies before manslaughter, sex abuse trial, PerthNow,, March 6, 2007

More below, under Australia


Kitten Helps Collar Man Accused of Being Fake New York City Veterinarian,, February 12, 2006

Homeless cat from Brooklyn poses as would-be patient to nab Steven Vassall, former veterinary lab assistant, arrested while carrying cat in a box and cash for surgery.

 Owner contacted authorities after dog survived botched operation.

Alleged victim says fake vet "seemed like a genuinely nice guy." 

Veterinarian Charged with Cruelty (New York), Dec. 30, 2005

Ronald Peters, DVM,Greenwich, NY

o Indicted by Washington County grand jury on misdemeanor count of animal cruelty for failure to provide, among other things, proper medical care

o REPEAT OFFENDER ALERT: In 1999, Peters was convicted of several misdemeanors for falsely billing the town of Greenwich for disposing of stray dogs. Instead of proper disposal, Peters dumped them on the side of a road.


Clay County (Florida) Vet Charged with Animal Cruelty

Scott Reed, DVM, Creekside Veterinary Clinic, Middleburg, Florida

o Had previously shown aggressive behavior toward animals at other hospitals where he worked

o Arrested earlier this year for domestic violence


Authorities said that Scott Reed, 44, a vet at Creekside Veterinary Clinic in Middleburg, got upset last month when a 43-pound mixed chow he was treating bit him. According to the arrest warrant, Reed grabbed the dog's leash from an assistant, hanging the animal in the air, and kicked it several times. Read full story


Vet's License Revoked (Minnesota)

Todd Varnes, DVM, Blaine, Minnesota

o License suspended earlier for violations

o Had 'problems' with anger, knocked employee against wall

o Board slaps him with civil penalty and investigation costs

The board says among other things, Varnes removed a dogís toenail with no anesthetic, didnít sterilize equipment, and didnít properly store vaccines, and knocked an employee, Sheryl Schommer, against a wall. ďHe did have a problem with anger. I was walking to the back, because I had asked him a question for a client, and he knocked me right into the wall, and just kept walking past, like he didnít see me.Ē Read full story

(Source: Fox9 News, WSMP, Minneapolis/St. Paul) 

Bruce Wolf, DVM

The Curious Case of the Cat in the Incubator : A case of feline mistaken identity reveals the limits of the state veterinary board's usefulness to pet owners., 2005






Bruce Nelson Young, DVM

Veterinarian Arrested on Drug Charges (Athens),, Nov. 23, 2003



Vet Arrested in Chihuahua's Beating, (Phoenix), June 11, 2007



Craig Bergstrom, DVM:

Jury Awards Dog Owner $39,000 in Vet Suit, Los Angeles Times,, February 24, 2004

Precedent-Setting Ruling Recognizes Animalsí Value, In Defense of Animals News Release, February 24, 2004

Dog Owner Gets $39,000 in Vet Suit, Orange County Register,, February 21, 2004

Robert L. Rooks, DVM, All-Care Animal Referral Center:

Veterinarian Placed On Probation, Fined for Using Technicians Improperly, Misrepresenting ĎSpecialistsí California Department of Consumer Affairs, September 9, 2003

Nolan Sharp, DVM:

Suit Yields Judgment for Pet Loss, Contra Costa Times, Nov, 2, 2003

Denny Nolet, DVM:

Pain and Suffering: Veterinary Malpractice Lawsuit Challenges the Notion that Pets Are Merely Property, Sacramento News & Review, May 31, 2001

Steroid Suppliers Busted in Huge Hit, San Diego Union-Tribute, December 16, 2005



Zoo Worker Whose Care Was Criticized Fails Exam for U.S Veterinary License, September 3, 2006



John Willie, DVM:

When Pets Die at the Vet, Grieving Owners Call Lawyers USA Today, March 15, 2005

Lawsuit for Lucky: Can a Vet Be Sued for Emotional Injuries?, August 22, 2003

Courts Warm Up to Pet Owners' Suits, National Law Journal,, July 21, 2003

Dog's Owners Entitled to Sue Veterinarian for Pet's Death in Potential Landmark Case, reprinted from Orlando Sun-Sentinel, July 1, 2003

Dog Death Prompts Malpractice Suit,, June 25, 2003

  The Miami Herald,, June 5, 2003


Animal Clinic of Brandon

Woman Blames Vet Tech for Puppy's Blind and Deaf Condition (Seffner),  ABC Action News., Nov. 12, 2003

Lloyd Meisels, DVM, Coral Springs Animal Hospital:

Petís Owner, Animal Hospital in a Dogfight Over Big Bill (Coral Springs), The Miami Herald,, August 5, 2003

Dog Owner, Vet in ĎPoochedí Battle (Coral Springs),, August 5, 2003

Adel Assad, DVM:

Veterinarian Suspended After Neutering Surgery (Ocala), WKMG-TV,, Sept. 20, 2002

Earl Shobert, DVM

Vet Accused of Mistreating Pets (Tampa), ABC Action News, Nov. 13, 2001

Veterinarian's Past Catches Up with Him St. Petersburg Times, April 26, 2001  

County Faces Suit in Kitten's Death, John Cote, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Feb. 14, 2006

A Royal Palm Beach couple filed notice Monday that they intend to sue Palm Beach County for more than $50,000 after a county veterinarian killed their kitten by implanting a microchip in its spine.

"There is malpractice for medical doctors... But veterinarians, they seem to get away with it because it's never raised..."



Emmett Ashley

Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine Suspends Bonaire Veterinarian Charged with Animal Cruelty, Secretary of State News, April 15, 2002



Gary Edlin, DVM

Man Sues Vet Over Dog's Death (Louisville),, July 18, 2005



John Carmody, VMD

Lebonan Veterinarian's License Suspended After Abusing Animals, News 8 WMTW

Dr. Arthur Cutter

Veterinarian Under Fire (Stratham),, August 5, 2005

Officials: N.H. Vet Violated Maine Law,, August 1, 2005



Hamilton Lincoln III, DVM

Methuen Veterinarian Agrees to License Probation, Division of Professional Licensure, February 11, 2005



Steven J. Ginsberg, DVM: 

Veterinarian suspended, fined, over animal care,, January 9, 2006

Kalamazoo veterinarian suspended again,, January 11, 2006

CIS Suspends Kalamazoo Veterinarianís License, Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services, August 23, 2001

No Criminal Charges Against Veterinarian; State Probe Continues, Kalamazoo Gazette, Nov. 17, 2000

Kalamazoo Veterinarian Charged in State Case, Kalamazoo Gazette, Sept. 13, 2000

Local Vet Focus of State Probe, Kalamazoo Gazette, Nov. 28, 1999


Brian Gregory Biggers, DVM:

CIS Suspends Indiana Veterinarianís License Due to Convictions, Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services, Feb. 7, 2002


Kerry Lynn McHenry, DVM:

CIS Summarily Suspends Davison Veterinarianís License Due to Substance [Abuse], Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services, June 19, 2003



Mohammed Shahidullah, a.k.a. "Dr. Sam"  and "Sam Ulland"

License of Former Local Veterinarian Revoked, Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, October 27, 1997


Todd Varnes, DVM

Vet's License Revoked, Fox 9 News, Minneapolis/ St. Paul



Alan Ruegamer, DVM

Pair Sentenced in Attempted Murder, Las Vegas Review-Journal, August 4, 1998



Roland Huston, DVM

Veterinarian Loses Supreme Court Appeal (Nashua),, Dec. 30, 2003



Howard Baker, DVM:

Veterinarian Loses Lawsuit Against PETA, Investigator,, March 3, 2004 


Gregory P. Kerrick, DVM 

Dover Veterinarian Sentenced to Probation, Psychiatric Treatment, (Toms River, NJ)  Newark, Asbury Park Press,, March 17, 2006.  "...erratic behavior demonstrates an extensive pattern of violent conduct to animals, clients and employees, gross negligence in his treatment of an animal and extremely poor judgment."

Suspended Ocean County Veterinarian Pleads Guilty to Contempt of Court Sentenced to Probation, Office of the Attorney General, New Jersey, March 16, 2006


Vet charged in violent and abusive conduct,, September 21, 2005

In one case the board was told he threatened to cut the heart out of a client.
In another he was reported to have picked up a dog by the tail and kicked and punched it until it howled.
On April 27, 2005 Kerrick agreed to stop practicing as of May 7 and get a psychiatric evaluation.
According to the suit, he resumed his practice "almost immediately," and his behavior continued. [Source:]

John R. Witmer, DVM:

Troopers Trot-Out Horseracing Arrests, (West Trenton), New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, April 3, 2006



Larry Mauer, DVM

Routine Visit to Vet Proves Deadly for Playful Puppy (Monticello), Times Herald-Record, Sept. 30, 2003

Marco Zancope, DVM

Veterinarian Accused of Helping Woman Kill Self , Times Herald-Record (AP Story), Oct. 15, 1998



Kevin Monce, DVM/Dana Jones, DVM:

Dogís Tale Fills 1,500 Pages (Raleigh) The News & Observer, Oct. 16, 2002

Sisters Decry Vet Board (Raleigh) The News & Observer, May 5, 2003



Diane Cummins, DVM

Veterinarian Charged with Animal Cruelty (Lebanon), Cincinnati Enquirer, May 7, 2002

Bruce Wolf, DVM

The Curious Case of the Cat in the Incubator : A case of feline mistaken identity reveals the limits of the state veterinary board's usefulness to pet owners., 2005



Edward Frankel, DVM

Hearing Held for Veterinarian (West Chester),, November 10, 2006

Sean K. Saltsburg, DVM

Vet Gets Probation for Beating Horses ,, July 12, 2005

Vet Charged with Beating Horses (Bucks County),, February 25, 2005



Nanette Anderson

Vet Clinic Owner Arrested Again,, June 13, 2007

Stan Gorlitsky, DVM:

Veterinarian Retires After Complaint,, July 23, 2004

Senator Blocking Bill to Regulate Veterinarians,, June 2, 2004

Veterinarian Law Gets Backing (Columbia),, June 2, 2004

Veterinarian Suspended for One Year (Lowcountry),, July 26, 2002

Secret System Hides Concerns on S.C. Veterinary Care (Mount Pleasant),, July 21, 2002


Thomas Sheridan, DVM:

Caretaker Concerns (Charleston),, November 28, 2006

The Revolution Will Be Blogged, Charleston City Paper, November 22, 2006 "More than five years ago, Zotto collected a group of animal owners and a coworker and filed a civil suit against local veterinarian Thomas Sheridan, claiming he had abused and killed several animals and caused her and her coworker emotional distress because he did it in front of them. Criminal charges against Sheridan were dismissed and he would eventually settle the civil suit out of court."



Jerry Truitt, DVM, Collierville, Tennessee

Couple says vet 'faked' dog's death,, November 11, 2005



Roque Gonzalez, DVM 

   Animal Care Services Fires Head Veterinarian, San Antonio, KSAT-TV,

  City Veterinarian Investigated by TroubleShooters, San Antonio,, November 20, 2006

William Lammers,  DVM

Death by the Pound, San Antonio Express-News

Jonathan Ward Brooke, DVM

Kerrville Veterinarian Charged in Child Sex Crime  Office of the Attorney General, Texas

Wendi Mae Davidson, DVM

Veterinarian Sentenced to 25 Years for Husband's Murder, (San Angelo), JAVMA News, December 1, 2006

Roque Gonzales, DVM

Animal Care Services Fires Head Veterinarian, San Antonio, KSAT-TV,

  City Veterinarian Investigated by TroubleShooters, San Antonio,, November 20, 2006

Penny Kelso, DVM

Viewer [sic] React to Disciplined Lubbock Veterinarian (Texas),, June 4, 2007

William Lammers, DVM

Death by the Pound San Antonio Express News, series

Scott Weeks, DVM

Veterinarian Charged in Child Sex Crime (San Antonio),, June 1, 2006

San Antonio Vet Faces Child Sex Crime Charges,, June 1, 2006

Mircea Volosen, DVM:

Whatever happened to Dr. Dachshund Killer? 

Remember Mircia Volosen, DVM, the dog killer in Colleyville, Texas, who bludgeoned to death not one but two dogs in two separate incidents that he claimed were after his chickens (or was it rabbits? His story seems to change...) First he killed a Labrador, then a miniature dachshund (while the dog was walking back to her owner, Volosen's neighbor who called his dog back when he realized she had gotten into Volosen's yard) claiming he had to defend his livestock (the aforementioned chicken-rabbits). For a while it looked like there would be justice, with a criminal conviction (yay!) of felony animal cruelty. But no. As usual, vets and money speak louder than actions. Volosen appealed the verdict, and his animal cruelty conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeals, Texas, Fort Worth. 

Read the coverage on him -- and then the killer ending: 

Mircia Volosen, DVM, Guilty of Animal Cruelty

More on Dr. Dog-Killer

More on Dr. Dog-Killer here

Vet Indicted in Dog's Death (Colleyville, TX), Sept. 4, 2003

It's also not the first time this vet has killed an animal

Neighbors Protest Vet's Office After Dog's Death

Was Mircia Volosen Acquitted?

Court of Appeals of Texas, Fort Worth, Overturns Guilty Verdict

And where is this dog killer now? Well, lucky us. He's right here in San Antonio, practicing at Becker Animal Hospital. 


Michael C. Becker, DVM

Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, Disciplinary Action Against Michael C. Becker, DVM, San Antonio, for Statute Violation in Controlled Substance Recordkeeping. See Negotiated Settlement, Summary of Charges, and Disciplinary Action by the TBVME here [Source: Public Record, Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, Austin]


Lock Boyce, DVM

Patrick County Vet Fined After Cat's Death ,, July 28, 2005



Shelton Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Technician Reprimanded (Shelton),, March 30, 2002







Dr. Marcel Christiaan-Rauch

Dead vet's $1.7 million home may be seized, (Perth), March 7, 2007

Vet dies before manslaughter, sex abuse trial, PerthNow,, March 6, 2007

Also,7034,21334221%255E1702,00.html Northern Territory News  March 6, 2007

Vet faces manslaughter trial, PerthNow,

Perth vet accused over teen death linked to animal drugs,,, August 11, 2005 

Police seek vet over teenagerís death (Perth),, August 9, 2005

Vet gets bail on overdose death charges, abcnewsonline,, November 3, 2005

Warning - Mahmoud Kalil, DVM, barred from practicing in the United States, under investigation in Australia 

Vet Is Investigated, The Daily Telegraph, January 23, 2006

Complaint leveled at Modesto pet hospital,, June 17, 2005




Dr. Boyd Taylor

Vet Calls Cat Attack Self-Defence (Halifax, Nova Scotia) CNews, Sept. 10, 2000

[Unnamed vet]

Investigation Shows the Hidden Horror of Egg Barns in Canada

"Government and industry are constantly reassuring consumers that things are better for farm animals here in Canada. We have long suspected thatís not the case and now we have the proof. This footage shows filthy, disgusting, hideously abusive conditions. The fact that the farm is owned by a veterinarian makes it even more disturbing." Ė Debra Probert, Vancouver Humane Society


Protecting the Abusers,, Israel, April 30, 2007

"The ministry claims this is a matter of professional supervision of investigative procedures and that the Veterinary Services is the body most suited for this task. In practice, however, it amounts to a sort of immunity.
"Instead of mobilizing for the active and systematic protection of animals that are subject to exploitation and cruelty in so many cases, the Agriculture Ministry is mainly engaged in protecting the authority that it fails to exercise in any case, or in covering up for veterinarians who have needlessly mistreated animals." more


Pet Owners Find No Redress for Veterinarian Negligence (Korea). The Korea Times, August 24, 2005



Vet Struck Off After Amputations, BBC News, May 6, 2005

Vets Who Cause Suffering to Face Penalties,, August 31, 2003.

Vets Accused of Appalling Cruelty,, March 1, 2003.


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