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Disclaimers and Guidelines

Nothing on this site is intended to be legal or medical advice, nor are we connected in any way with any state licensing board or regulatory authority. If you are unclear as to your legal rights please consult an attorney licensed to practice law in your state. 

The Veterinary Abuse Network assumes no responsibility for actions taken as a result of information provided here, or provided by any links from this site. 

We are not responsible for the accuracy of content on any linked sites, in any online or offline media, additional resources, or on any personal web sites. 

All unsolicited original material becomes the property of  the Veterinary Abuse Network and may be edited for accuracy and clarity.  

Media coverage in newspaper, radio, television, online news agencies is PUBLIC RECORD and can be disseminated as such. 

Disciplinary actions taken by state licensing boards against veterinarians are PUBLIC RECORD and must be provided by the state board to the public upon request. A vet's complaint and investigation history may or may not be public record depending on the state. 

For information on filing a civil lawsuit against a veterinarian, please consult an attorney.

Guidelines for Submission

We welcome submissions of any resource, article, or link that will help keep the public informed.  

For legal reasons, we cannot tell the story of what happened to your pet. Many people set up their own tribute sites to tell their stories (see below). 

Examples of where you can tell of your experience would be  your own  web site, online or offline review site, discussion forum, message board, or online complaint sites like ripoffreport.com or complaint.com. 

However, we can and will publish the names of veterinarians and their facilities under any one of the following conditions:

1) If the vet was or is under investigation by the state board or any law enforcement agency and that information can be verified as public record.  

2) If the vet was or is a participant in a lawsuit, or was arrested and/or convicted of criminal behavior. Civil lawsuits and criminal records are public record; Class action suits are also public record. 

3) If the vet was disciplined by any state board. State board disciplinary action is always public record. While open and dismissed complaints themselves may or may not be public record, disciplinary action is. 

4) If there is existing media coverage on the vet or the alleged incident.

Generally speaking, the only third-party information that vetabusenetwork.com will publish is that which can be confirmed as a matter of public record. This includes state board disciplinary action, lawsuits filed and/or resolved, class action suits, arrests, criminal records, property records, driving records, or any other professional information that is public record. And of course, media coverage on the vet, the facility, the alleged incident, or anything else. 


Links to Tribute Sites  

We always encourage vet victims to tell their own stories on their own. Nobody can tell your pet's story better than you and it may help others in your area to know of your experience. For examples of Tribute Sites go to www.vetabusenetwork.com/savetoc.htm and scroll down the right side. 

If you set up a tribute site for your pet to tell your story, please submit your link for consideration for inclusion to mystory@vetabusenetwork.com. Most ISPs and email services offer a certain amount of free space for a home page, or you can register a domain name (e.g., .com, .net). The Veterinary Abuse Network  reserves the right to not link to any page or site for any reason, or remove any link at any time. Web site creators are solely responsible for the content of their own sites, and a link to them by vetabusenetwork.com does not constitute an endorsement or content verification of any kind. 

Media Coverage

Submissions of links to media coverage are particularly valuable and welcomed. This is a subject that is increasingly being covered by online and offline media. Please send the link and/or the source -- newspaper, radio, television, online news site for inclusion in our Breaking News section. 


Copyright Notice
All original text and photos are the intellectual property of their creators (indicated by byline) and protected by U.S. copyright law. No original articles on this site may be reprinted, rewritten, or redistributed in any way, online or offline, without permission. Media articles in Breaking News are subject to the copyright policies of the original source.  Permission to link to this site is granted.  Permission to reprint original material may be requested by contacting reprints@vetabusenetwork.com